Green Green Go Away!!

The recent Tasmanian and South Australian elections have proved that the electorate is slowly killing off the Australian Greens. Their dominance in the labor party has slowed down their support and even the labor party is being punished for doing creepy deals with this Green entity. Why are the Greens on the nose to many Australians? Well their constant obstructionist approach to government is probably a start, but there abhorrent policies are probably the main catalyst.

The Greens are no doubt a TAX party, we have seen this already when they were sharing the bed with the ALP i.e. Mining Tax and Carbon tax; but this does not end here. The Greens want to increase the Mining Tax and Carbon Tax, they also want to apply a 0.2% levy on banks, and increase taxes for hard-working Australians who do earn a decent income, all this will have a flow effect on the economy and ordinary Australians will have to pay for it. Australians are fed up of taxes, recently we have seen an increase in tobacco tax and alcohol pops tax not to mention a levy on medicare to pay for Labors (failed) policy of NDIS, therefore the electorate is waking up to Greens that they are not for ordinary middle class Australia, they are there for the welfare class, and want everyone to be on the same playing field. Policies that promote the distribution of wealth.

The Greens need to be a high taxing party to fund their exuberant social policies such Denticare, increasing the Newstart Allowance, greening the health sector, and throwing more money into the health of asylum seekers; whilst all this is a noble cause, the cost of this to the Australian worker is huge. Many Australians are fed up of Government over spending and not living within their means, this was clearly evident with the landslide win to the Coalition at the 2013 Federal Election after when the ALP went absolutely bonkers for 6 years with the taxpayers credit card.

Other lunatic policies of the Greens include:
• Increasing funding to the arts. (Do you really want your taxes going on some student art project that depicts a vagina and kids can walk through it?)
• reducing the standard working week to 4 (how would the economy cope with this?)
• making it part of the curriculum to teach about trade unions, enterprise bargaining and assisting people to adapt to a life-style that is not dependent on paid work (So basically instilling socialism into our youths, as well as promoting young Australians that they do not need a job because the state will always look after them).
• Support the abolition of the Australian Building and Construction Commission. (Clearly they support corruption in this industry).
• Reducing the number of juveniles in prison (Therefore they want to introduce feel good policies – we already have a judicial system that is soft on criminals)
• Removal of Tasers from police (The Greens want our police to be punching bags, the use of Tasers actually save lives, rather the police using their glocks they use Tasers instead).
• Stop using sniffer dogs in public places. (The Greens are ‘barking’ mad)

These are just a few of bizarre policies of the Greens. You can actually check them our on their websites, also check out individual state party websites as each state has a different policy.

The Greens still share the power with the Labor Party in the Senate until July. Even though the Greens have had a massive swing against them both in Tasmania, South Australia and Federally they still want to hold the Government to ransom on issues such as Carbon Tax, Mining Tax and illegal boat arrivals. These three core policies were what the Liberal and National Parties were given a mandate on. The Greens shear arrogance leaves a bad taste on many Australians mouths and hopefully they will be punished at the WA Senate election in April.

With all this in mind and after their shared power with the Labor Party, the Greens have shown their true colours, they are not the friendly environmentalists that they purport to be, they are extremist imbeciles who would wreck your standard of living through their outrageous and radical left-wing policies. Australians have finally woken up to them. Goodbye Greens!

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