Medicare or Medibank?

The Federal Government has announced that they intend on supporting the full sale of medibank. The Labor Party which privatised the Commonwealth Bank and other entities opposes this move stating that it would cause an increase to health insurance premiums, which even the ABC (left loving fanatics) fact-finding department dismisses. The argument I put to people is why do taxpayers need to run a private health insurer when we already have medicare. The Government already provides a rebate for those with private health insurance, which may I add, would love to see that rebate increased – maybe they ought to provide an increase to the rebate after they sell off medibank, after all shouldn’t the Government encourage people to take up private health cover? The notion of government, which already provides socialised health care to the people, owning a private health insurer does not make sense and is a waste of taxpayers money. I do however believe that whoever buys medibank should not be any of the existing health insurers in Australia, the idea of privatisation is to boost competition which all in all will benefit the consumer – well in theory.

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