KNIGHTS AND DAMES – Who really cares??

Our Prime Minister announced last week that he is re-introducing in Australia honours of Knights and Dames. This has caused a lot of controversy especially amongst the left and republicans, to a point that some people claim that this decision to re-introduce Knights and Dames has ruined Abbott’s first 6 months in office. Does this decision really have a major impact on our way of life? Of course not.

The Liberal National Party’s were voted in last years September federal election to fix up Labor and Greens bad policies. The LNP were given a mandate to fix the budget, stop the boats, and to repeal both the mining and carbon taxes. Our Prime Minister has stopped the boats, has attempted to repeal these anti growth taxes and currently working on bringing our budget back to surplus therefore for individuals to say that this decision to bring back knights and dames has ruined his first 6 months as PM is nothing more of hyperactive hyperbole from the left and republicans. The notion of the honours system that its sending Australia backwards is a lot of crapola, and the true fact of the matter is, it does not affect anyone’s way of life. Whether you agree with the honours system or not, the Government should not be judged on this issue, however no doubt we will see both the ALP and the Greens continue to vomit a smear campaign against Tony Abbott.

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