Malcolm in the Middle?

It has been awhile since I have published comments on current affairs, mainly because I have been overseas on holidays. Whilst I was overseas, the Parliamentary Party of the Liberal Party decided that it was in THEIR best interest to oust Tony Abbott and elect Malcolm Turnbull to lead, and to become the next Prime Minister. Despite the Liberal Party going to the electorate promising to end the revolving door of Prime Ministers some Liberals say desperate times call for desperate measures, and subsequently broke this promise. Is it worth breaking a promise? How will Malcolm perform as leader, considering his polling when leader before was woeful. Only time will tell.

What we have seen so far since he has been Prime Minister is virtually no change in policy except for pandering to the United Nations, which is a topic for another day. The left wing media and other left wing sycophants are salivating at Turnbull’s elevation to leader, we can even see Labor voters leaning towards Liberals now, but interestingly why?
The Liberal Party, so far, remains tough on illegal immigration and has a no tolerance approach to immigrants who commit crimes, Turnbull is sticking with a plebiscite vote for same sex marriage and Turnbull is also flirting with the idea to axe weekend penalty rates. One could argue that Turnbull can potentially be more disruptive to the left than Tony Abbott. Why? Because Turnbull has the media on his side for some freakish reason, and I hate to say it, he is a good salesperson.

It is clear however, that he has no choice but to allow the right in the Liberal Party to have a say, that means to allow Ministers to manage their own portfolio, giving them the freedom to be Ministers. If Turnbull fails to do this his fate will go down like Julia Gillard post Rudd’s second coming. The concern I have for the Liberal Party is after the next election. Like every Government, post elections, they tweak policy and change the Cabinet to be more re-energised. If Turnbull does this, which I would gamble my last $1 on it, he will favour his own people in portfolio’s such as Immigration, Education and Welfare. The saving grace for the right in the Liberals is in actual fact the National Party. The right need to have more discussions with their coalition partner to ensure the Liberals don’t lean to Turnbull’s ideology.

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