Top 5 ways to save the Liberal Party #auspol 

Top 5 ways to save the Liberal Party:
1) Acknowledge the next election will be unwinnable. Claim that you are the under dog.

2) Dump Turnbull and replace him with Julie Bishop. Because when she loses the unwinnable election you will dump her and she will never be leader again and hopefully resign from Parliament.

3) Democratise the Party. Rather than making it an expensive social club actually allow all members to discuss policy and pre-select candidates. 

4) After the unnwinable election chose a new fresh leader. I don’t know maybe Angus Taylor, Christian Porter or Andrew Hastie. Fresh blood.

5) Lead by example. If you want to fix the budget don’t go out spending like a drunken sailor.
I have more tips on how the Liberal Party can save itself. But these will do for now. 

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