Racial fluidity – the new norm in identity politics. #auspol #identitypolitics

The folly of identity politics has now turned on people’s race. We have cultural marxists who want to think gender is fluid. Now apparently ‘race’ is fluid.

A white glamour model, Martina Big, has transformed herself into a black woman so much so she intends on visiting Africa to learn more about African culture.

It is no wonder why we have confused people like her when we see cultural marxist throw down our throats that ‘gender’ is fluid. Any decent human being knows that gender is not fluid on the basis of simple science. This is science is known as Biology.

If cultural marxists ignore simple science and claim gender is fluid, then why can’t race be fluid? After all the idea of multiculturalism is to allow all cultures to mix. Globalists and left wingers are all pushing for borderless states therefore why bat an eye lid when Martina Big transforms herself in a big black woman?

The world is becoming a crazy place which one would ask the question why is the establishment ignoring the risks of identity politics? I have written before that we are seeing the beginning of the end of Western Civilisation and sadly can someone stop the planet – because I want to get off!!

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