Cancer can be treated, Feminism can’t!

Milo Yiannopolous once stated that Feminism is Cancer. I recently tweeted that Feminism is worse than cancer because at least Cancer can be treated. It was in reference to this photo.


I had a couple of people who were critical of my comments. As a respectful human I will not mention anyones name on here but if you go to my twitter account you’ll see their responses.

I want to clarify my point.

As you see in this photo there are a hand few of women and a couple of probably gender neutral males leeching off them. They are holding up signs saying “My outfit is not an invitation” and some chick has written on her abdomen “Fuck your Morals”. As a conservative male rape is abhorrent and the full force of the law should be thrown at the perpetrator.

The SJW aim isn’t to try to convince those who are already convinced. No matter what they do they won’t be able to convince the convinced but instead they are trying to appeal to those who are either not interested in politics or those who are just sitting on the fence.

Pretend you are a young mother in her 20’s, your husband works full time and you are either at work yourself or you are a stay at home mother. You have no interest in political issues, in fact you are too busy to worry about what is going on in the world because right now your world is you, your husband and your little pride and joy. You decide to take your little pride and joy in their pram for a little stroll down to the park. You get there, you see a lot of comotion, you see police, riot police, police on horses, ambulances on standby and from a distance you see partly naked women, women with breasts out but duct tape covering their nipples and the first sign you see is “Fuck your Morals.” You then hear screeching from these females, your pride and joy gets scared, starts crying and you can’t settle him or her. Instead of a nice day out going for a stroll you then go back home, put on your tv and watch Tucker Carlson. Once you got home you kinda wonder what all the fuss was about but because it ruined your day you don’t care, in fact it infuriated you. Their goal to try and get their message across failed.

My point to this is, and in my Twitter I was directing it to Clementine Ford, are feminists proud of this? If so, then how can they expect to win over the unconvinced. Most people see this type of protest, grotesque and will either turn the tv off or actually, out of spite, go side with the opposing point of view. If feminists want to get their message across stop acting like millennial SJW’s and start being a little more professional.


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