The Greens McKim announced that he now supports Capitalism!

According to the 2016 Census, Christians make up 51% of the population whereas 49% are non christians[1]. The Sydney Morning Herald reported on 6/12/2017 that Australians will spend approximately $11billion over the Christmas period[2]. This indicates that many Australians regardless of faith will celebrate Christmas one way or another. The Australian Greens yesterday sparked outrage on social media when Senator Nick McKim posted a photo of him and other Greenies holding up this sign:

The matter of fact is, Christmas is a denominational festivity. It is for Christians to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. In modern times Christmas has been an enabler of consumerism and consumerism is the cornerstone of capitalism. The 49% of non christians who participate in Christmas festivities are enabling capitalism, this includes Muslims who embrace the seasonal festivity.

There were many politicians attacking Senator McKim including Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison;

And Liberal MP, Craig Kelly;

These attacks on Senator McKim were warranted however as a champion of free speech I don’t have an issue of the Greens holding up this sign and the reason why is because they are promoting something that they are very opposed to; CAPITALISM. By wishing someone a Merry Non-denominational Seasonal Festivity is basically saying “forget about religion, go out, spend your money and embrace the consumerism that is the modern day Christmas.”
Who would have thought that the Australian Greens would finally buckle to common sense and dismiss the folly of Socialism and Marxism and come across to the free market of Capitalism?

Today on Sky News Senator McKim told NewsDay that this was just a bit of fun, that it was a bit of ‘satire’ – I smell BS – now that they have got rid of Senator Rhiannon they now can go further to the centre and maybe come up with some real policy of substance. Watch this space, I sense the Socialist Alliance may gain new members!!

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