Thank You Triple M for Saving Australia Day Celebrations!

Yesterday I wrote about how the LLBABC (Looney Left Brigade at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation) decided to change the date of Triple J hottest 100 to the 27th January instead of the 26th. I also wrote that their ABC has denied that it has anything to do with politics. Well we have some good news folks. The lovely people from Triple M have intelligently realised that majority of Australian’s celebrate Australia Day and have acknowledged that their is now an opportunity for them to start their own Hottest 100.

This has caused snowflakes within the vortex of the left to bring about liberal tears. Ultra lefty Wil Anderson tweeted:

Extremely shocked and disappointed by it all and have made that clear to management yesterday and will continue to hold and prosecute why I don’t think it’s a good idea

Oh boo hoo.

According to this article there have been a few lefties that have been crying and offended by Triple M’s decision to hold a hottest 100 on Australia Day and the good news is they don’t seem to be backing down. You see, the problem with snowflakes within the left regime is they expect others to follow them. They weren’t expecting a rival radio station to fill in the vaccume that was left by Triple J and if they were expecting it, they weren’t expecting Triple M to hold their ground when we see Wil Anderson critise them. As usual the left are throwing names at Triple M, calling them insensitive, racist, bogans etc. This is normal from the left. But it does prove that their ABC did change the date of the Hottest 100 purely on political grounds.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we ought to thank Triple M for providing us entertainment for the celebration of Australia Day!!!!

Thank You Triple M!!!

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