White Privilege is a myth. As stated before it is a social construct by the left to cause division within a community.
I should point out that it’s really the far left – or the alt-left – that are pushing this myth but in terms of reference, we will just call them ‘the left’ as in general terms even those on the centre-left do sympathise with this notion.

The fact is there is no such thing as privilege when it comes to race, colour or creed. As a white heterosexual male I had to work hard to be what I am today. I didn’t always do well in school so post secondary education I had to be well disciplined to gain entry into University and obtain my Bachelor of Science Degree. According to the left the reason why I was able to do that is because of ‘White Privilege’ despite working endlessly to pay off my degree.

Minority groups ought to be insulted and offended by the notion of white privilege, the left basically states that because you are a minority group you do not have the calibre to be successful in life. They say that people of colour are not privilege enough to go to university or to obtain work and unfortunately, if you keep hearing this by leftist institutions, you’ll start believing it, hence why in America, African Americans experience high unemployment rates.

The fact is everyone in Western Countries have equal privilege when it comes to education and employment. Whilst not every culture is equal, individuals are equal to be able to better themselves. It all comes down to how much you want it. For instance, we have seen numerous Doctors from African, Asian or Arabic descent working in our Hospitals in Australia, as a white person I could not be a Doctor, I feel that is beyond my call of duty therefore these individuals from those respective minority groups have worked hard to become a Doctor. This proves that white privilege is a myth if it was real then we would not see people from other races holding positions of power such as Doctors. They would be all white.

The left are very good at creating new terms which try and divide society. In Australia we have the myth of ‘invasion day’ – a day in which Australians celebrate the day the first fleet arrived in Australia in 1788. It is a clever move by the left to create divisions, the old saying “divide and conquer” is true to form when it comes to the left. By dividing society it makes it easier for the left to conquer. This is why people should not buy into this ‘White Privilege’ myth.




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