Australian’s Emotions are the sign of Hypocrisy over US Gun Control

TRIGGER WARNING!!: This opinion is not discussing pro or anti gun control but merely the reasons why Australians should not be so emotive about this issue. For the reasons outlined in this opinion is the reason why there will be no opinion on gun control on


There are calls amongst many Australian’s that the US should adopt stronger gun laws similar to that of Australia. The latest mass shooting massacre at Parkland High School has created a swell of protest in America, but the concerning aspect of all of this is the increasing interference of emotions by Australian’s. Everyday on social media Australian’s are posting memes, statuses, videos and news reports in support of pro gun control, whilst this is a noble gesture and the fact that no one wants to see children being shot up like a practice target, Australian’s need to remember that guns are part and parcel of American way of life whether they like it or not.

In Islamic countries such as Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and Iran it is punishable by death to be homosexual. In Iran, women are treated like second class citizens and must wear a head scarf or a veil. In Afghanistan it is illegal to criticise any aspect of islam and the punishment is rather severe. We don’t see Australian’s post memes, statuses, videos and news reports on social media condemning these acts of cultural bastardry, yet there is an over abundance of attack on the American culture. Many Australian’s are not bothered about the draconian laws of Islamic nations because they feel it is non of their business then why feel the need to comment on America’s unique culture?

The second amendment states that;

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

This amendment which was authenticated by Thomas Jefferson was adopted in December of 1791. It is no secret that most American’s love their Country and their Bill of Rights which gives them the title of being Patriotic (which disgusts the left). Given that this amendment has been ingrained within the American psyche for just over 226 years and as American’s love their country, one cannot push change over night. Many Australian’s think that because Australia was able to change it’s laws so quickly that America can do the same thing, the difference being is that Australian’s never really had a love affair of guns as it was not a constitutional right, if it was a constitutional right, former Prime Minister John Howard would not have been able to adopt his hard stance as there was a good chance it would have been rejected. Since 1901 in Australia there have been 44 referendums (constitutional changes) only 8 of these were successful, the last referendum was in 1998 to make Australia a republic. These failures are living proof that people are cautious of change and to expect American’s to change their thought process over night is nothing but hypocrisy being displayed by many Australian’s.

Whether you believe in tight gun control or not, it is difficult to change a mindset over night especially when it has been part and parcel of their culture for at least 226 years. Australian’s need to take a chill pill and understand that it isn’t as easy as just banning guns as there are many factors that need to be examined. Only American’s can start this change if they want change, this change cannot be forced on them otherwise they will rebel against the system. If American’s want change they need to own it and only then will they accept their fate.

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