The Greens and their virtue signalling hypocrisy.

The Australian Greens are at it again with their fake virtue signalling outrage. There have been discussions to make sydney’s eyesore Opera House into a billboard. The Greens and other lunatics on that bizare side of the political spectrum don’t believe in improving the magnitude of shitness the Opera House provides instead they want to leave it as is.

Greens leader – Richard Di Natale – isn’t even a Senator for NSW and has decided to draw himself into this virtue signalling brigade saying that the Opera House isn’t a billboard and not everything is about making a buck.

This hypocrisy from the Greens and the far left is as disgusting as Hillary Clinton naked. Lets go back a few years, 2003. Far left protesters climbed the sydney opera house and painted in red paint “NO WAR.”

In 2009, Five Greenpeace activists scaled one of the sails of the Sydney Opera house with a banner demanding a climate treaty.

Most recently in 2017, lgbtiqweoufhwroufgh3rgou3rghf people were given the right to marry and the Sydney Opera house was lit up in rainbow colours to celebrate this victory. (Look at the pretty lights)

So why is it all of a sudden the idea of utilising the Sydney Opera House as an advertising tool a damn outrage? The Greens didn’t have a problem when people used it to push their political propaganda but to advertise horse racing – no thats bad.

It is mind boggling that these dickheads continue to poll around 10% – but I guess we need them in parliament otherwise who else would we take the piss out of?

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