The perils of mainstream media and their love affair with FAKE NEWS!



The new year of 2019 we were greeted with news reports that Olivia Newtown-John only has weeks to live post battling cancer.
Many people took to social media to post messages of sadness and well thoughts to Olivia.
A couple of days later, Olivia Newton-John herself came out and said this is untrue saying that she is alive and well.


Is this the work of FAKE NEWS?

Mainstream media across Australia all reported that Olivia Newton-John was on death’s door and everyone who read that believed this was the case and reacted on social media.  One cannot blame people for believing such fake news as Olivia has been tackling cancer for some time and when it is constantly in your face that she is knocking on deaths door, you start to believe it.

The big question that needs to be asked is, if mainstream media can produce this fake news and people fall for it, what other fake news is being produced that people are believing in?

The US economy? I mean we are getting conflicting reports on the US economy, one report saying the economy is booming with increased economic growth and jobs the next minute we are seeing stocks plummet and business struggling due to tariffs and trade wars between China and US. 
There is no doubt about it, when it comes to Trump, the media goes into a frenzy and misreports Trumps agenda.

Closer to home, the St Kilda Beach rally was portrayed by the media as a neo nazi love fest. The mainstream media posted photo’s of angry white men with tattoo’s performing the Nazi Salute. What they did not report was that there were many Vietnamese protesters at this rally as well as ordinary men and women and families who are concerned about the rising crime rate caused by Sudanese migrants.
All mainstream media outlets portrayed this rally in a negative way which of course will result in majority of people condemning the meeting without really knowing the full facts.

There is a simple rule when reading or watching the news. Don’t believe it. You got to remember that the media is always owned by someone (including the Government ie ABC & BBC). The media are a powerful tool to control the masses. Sure, if you read something or watch something, take it on board but then do your own research into it. Otherwise, like most people who reacted to Olivia Newton-Johns reports, you’ll look like a dickhead!

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