Why The Double Standards When It Comes to Domestic Violence? #domesticviolence #baxter #murder

There has been a lot of talk about the recent abhorrent attack on a mother and her three children allegedly perpetrated by husband and father Rowan Baxter.

What has been interesting is watching how people, in particularly those on the left, reacted to it. The left often want to ‘rehabilitate’ criminals…..and want to know the reason why someone does something and often claim “they have had a bad up bringing” or “they were marginalised”. Yet, when it comes to this cretin they don’t want to know the reason, they just want to leave him out to hang. Now, I don’t have a problem with this, but then again I believe in punishment first and then rehabilitation, the left however have demonstrated double standards by saying there is no excuse for such violence and the prick should rot in hell.

Fair enough!

But the question is this, what would they say if this prick was from a marginalised minority group (Aboriginal communities suffer the most from domestic violence yet the media and society ignore it). Would they still have the same feelings towards him? According to The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, domestic violence occurs higher because of the effects of social disadvantage and intergenerational trauma. If that’s the case then, what caused Rowan Baxter to lose his shit and kill his entire family? Was he pushed too far or was he just a jerk? Does it really matter either way? Likewise does it really matter for an Aboriginal man to claim intergenerational trauma for beating the shit out of his wife? 

Of course not.

Now under no circmstances am I defending him or his actions. This imbecile can rot in hell for the atrocious attack on his family. I don’t give a shit if he has had a bad upbringing or if he has had intergenerational trauma, there is no excuse for such a violent attack on another human being (regardless of race, culture or creed). I am just pointing the hypocrisy of some people, in particularly those on the left. 


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