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Social Justice Warriors target ‘OBESE’

Western Civilisation has a problem with overweight people. As a fat man myself I understand the risks involved in being fat such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer. In Australia this is putting extra burden on our health system costing approximately $21billion in 2005[1], this figure can be assumed to have increased in 2017.  It is important for doctors to be able to tell their patients that they are overweight or for the mega fat – obese.

The social justice warriors within NSW Health have designed new guidelines to make it ‘offensive’ for doctors to tell their patients that they are overweight [2]. They want doctors to use friendly terms such as:

“Well above healthy weight”

They also do not want doctors to say “Skinny” or “malnourished” because these apparently stigmatise a condition and may significantly offend an individual.

The idea to tell a patient that they are obese is suppose to be a wake up call. As mentioned fat people are costing society, the taxpayer, billions of dollars in both direct and in direct health costs not to mention the emotional aspect it causes on family and friends if an individual develops health related complications due to them being fat.

Think about it, if a doctor told you;

“Sir/Madam you are Obese”


“Sir/Madam you are well above healthy weight”

Which one is more likely to be a wake up call?

Unfortunately people need strong words or some sort of negative event in their life to change their attitudes. Often people who have experienced a heart attack and have had either Stents put in or a By-pass, change their lifestyle because they have had an epiphany during their event.

This folly by NSW Health just demonstrates that our government departments have been taken over by social justice warriors. It has nothing to do about making life better, in fact this change will make fat people fatter, increase cost to our health system, and make it harder for doctors to actually treat patients. Shame on NSW Health, and shame on the NSW alleged conservative Government for allowing such nonsense to take place.

Emotional blackmail is rife amongst the Greens.

The Australian Greens have started a campaign to bring queer refugee’s into Australia. They have basically admitted that homosexuals are not safe in Muslim controlled countries. According to their website they have stated:

LGBTIQ asylum seekers under threat

Right now, thanks to Malcolm Turnbull and Peter Dutton, gay asylum seekers held on Manus Island are facing a dangerous and terrifying choice. To return to their country of origin where they could face the death penalty, or stay in PNG and risk up to 14 years’ imprisonment for being gay.

There is no pride in detention – Australia is a place that openly accepts the LGBTI community. We have a proud history of being a safe haven for refugees fleeing extreme persecution. But this horrific offshore detention regime has tarnished our record.

The Greens call on the Turnbull Government and the Labor opposition to close the camps on Manus Island and Nauru, and bring every man, woman and child to Australia.

Your voice is one of hope and strength to those most vulnerable – there is no pride in detention.

As usual the Greens have used individual circumstances to try and score political points. Most Australians would welcome genuine refugee’s but what constitutes a genuine refugee? In some countries it is illegal to chew gum – Singapore. One would argue that by disallowing citizens to chew gum is a breach in human rights and if you do chew gum, you face extreme persecution such as 2 year imprisonment (I would imagine Prisons in Singapore aren’t as humane as ours)[1]

Homosexuality is illegal in most Muslim controlled countries and often they do face dire circumstances such as the death penalty. Does this really constitute a genuine refugee? Australia only just passed legislation to allow same sex couples to Marry. America and the United Kingdom passed this law years ago – does that mean gay couples could have jumped on a boat to New York to seek refuge because the Australian law discriminates? Further to this, it wasn’t that long ago that it was illegal in Australia for people to be Homosexual – did we see a mass exodus of gays seeking refuge elsewhere? Of course not.

The Greens, as usual, are playing with peoples emotions on this matter. They are blackmailing Australians making you believe that we should have open borders if people are not happy with their country’s laws. Being gay shouldn’t give you an automatic right to be given refugee status and kudos to Immigration Minister, Peter Dutton and Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull for standing their ground on this.

The Greens McKim announced that he now supports Capitalism!

According to the 2016 Census, Christians make up 51% of the population whereas 49% are non christians[1]. The Sydney Morning Herald reported on 6/12/2017 that Australians will spend approximately $11billion over the Christmas period[2]. This indicates that many Australians regardless of faith will celebrate Christmas one way or another. The Australian Greens yesterday sparked outrage on social media when Senator Nick McKim posted a photo of him and other Greenies holding up this sign:

The matter of fact is, Christmas is a denominational festivity. It is for Christians to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. In modern times Christmas has been an enabler of consumerism and consumerism is the cornerstone of capitalism. The 49% of non christians who participate in Christmas festivities are enabling capitalism, this includes Muslims who embrace the seasonal festivity.

There were many politicians attacking Senator McKim including Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison;

And Liberal MP, Craig Kelly;

These attacks on Senator McKim were warranted however as a champion of free speech I don’t have an issue of the Greens holding up this sign and the reason why is because they are promoting something that they are very opposed to; CAPITALISM. By wishing someone a Merry Non-denominational Seasonal Festivity is basically saying “forget about religion, go out, spend your money and embrace the consumerism that is the modern day Christmas.”
Who would have thought that the Australian Greens would finally buckle to common sense and dismiss the folly of Socialism and Marxism and come across to the free market of Capitalism?

Today on Sky News Senator McKim told NewsDay that this was just a bit of fun, that it was a bit of ‘satire’ – I smell BS – now that they have got rid of Senator Rhiannon they now can go further to the centre and maybe come up with some real policy of substance. Watch this space, I sense the Socialist Alliance may gain new members!!

The Bullying of Shanghai Sam. #pmlive #auspol #patriotblue #abetterway

I am not a fan of Shanghai Sam. I think the guy is a weasel and a political opportunist who uses his kids and minorities to his advantage.

At the end of the day he is an elected Senator of the Australian Senate. Whether you like him or not, he does deserve some respect.

What we have seen by Patriot Blue – an uneducated far right group – is nothing but racist and bullying behaviour. If you have seen the footage of what occurred you almost feel sorry for Shanghai Sam. It actually made me feel sick and ashamed.

Calling someone a monkey or attacking someone purely just because of their religious background is not right, it is in fact bigotry. I for one classify myself as a Libertarian/Conservative and have defended the alt-right but equally I am also willing to call out any actions they take that is abhorrent to normal society.

I am calling on the likes of Pauline Hanson and Cory Bernardi to condemn the actions of Patriot Blue because these actions does nothing but harm the cause of the alt-right in Australia.

Australia is doomed! #auspol #pmlive #loveislove

What are our politicians doing?

Why are we paying them $200k plus when we haven’t seen any real outcomes since Tony Abbott stopped the boats and repealed the Carbon Tax?

Malcolm Turnbull was suppose to be a better Prime Minister than Tony Abbott but what has he actually achieved besides his own annihilation?

At the moment Australia faces:

  1. An energy crisis. No talk about real energy reform such as Nuclear but more subsidies to renewables which have proven in South Australia to be a dud.
  2. Out of control debt. The Liberal National Governments is throwing money away like it grows on tree’s. The fact we are spending $300,000 a minute on Welfare should be of concern.
  3. Out of control immigration levels. You can only have to look at Sydney and Melbourne to see that our immigration levels are not sustainable. Sydney itself have embraced the ‘go high’ approach to living with high rise apartments clogging up Sydney streets. Yet Government refuses to outlay any infrastructure such as frontline health services, roads, schools, police etc to deal with the massive growth.
  4. Increased terror risks. Government tends to tip toe around Islam and the potential risks it imposes on the Western World. Now of course not all muslims are terrorists but nearly all terrorists in the modern world comes from a deranged bunch of Muslims. Even ASIO has admitted that we have to tread carefully when it comes to Islam because if you criticise it, you risk more terror attacks.
  5. A technological brain freeze. The Government has piss farted around with NBN which is as useless as a screen door on a submarine. Government should never have nationalised NBN instead they should have given tax incentives for the private sector to deliver state of the art internet.


These are just some of the issue which are facing our Australia today. Yet our politicians are more worried about same sex marriage, transgender reassignment, changing Australia Day, having quotas for women to serve in Parliament, giving themselves a pay rise, getting on the United Nations (this will be a story for another day) and the list goes on. Gone are the days when Governments, like the one John Howard led or even Bob Hawke, tackle real political issues – issues that affect all Australians rather than just the minority. It is sad that the media play on these minor issues only to get good ratings because lets be honest, same sex marriage is a highly emotional topic which gets people feisty on both sides of the argument.

Bill Shorten, the alternative Prime Minister looks almost certain to be our Prime Minister after the next election. What he stands for is no where near the likes of Bob Hawke or Paul Keating, this bloke embraces identity politics and populist mumbo jumbo. When he wins the next election, I predict he won’t last very long, because like most modern Governments, they don’t tackle the big issues. Australia is Doomed!

Let us die with dignity. #auspol #pmlive #euthanasia

Death is inevitable. It is something that binds us all regardless of race, colour or creed. How we die, however, is something that makes us all unique. Some of us will die in our sleep, some will die due to traumatic causes, some may experience a massive heart attack, stroke or even a terminal illness such as Cancer. One thing for certain is that we all want to die with dignity and as much as possible, pain free.

I applaud the Victorian Labor Andrews Government for passing legislation this week to legalise Euthanasia. It is important that those who have a terminal illness to have options when it comes to their own life. It is a basic human right that we all die with dignity, unfortunately in certain circumstance this cannot occur as death is unpredictable and unforgiving. When it comes to terminal illnesses such as Cancer, this can be predicted and given the harsh outcomes of cancer such as pain, immobility and deterioration of mental status it is imperative that we respect ones wishes to end their life before these outcomes become reality.

Some people argue that we should not get involved in being God, that palliative care measures should be the prime focus when it comes to terminal illness. Unfortunately no matter how good palliative care is, sometimes you just can’t relieve pain. Pain doesn’t necessarily mean physical but also mental. If one becomes bed bound due to their terminal illness and they need a carer to clean them or feed them through a peg tube, this is a form of mental pain. Many individuals who have had cancer and are in this state have told me that they wish they could go to sleep and never wake up because their dignity is long gone, they can no longer look after themselves, they can no longer enjoy what life can offer them. Many of them have said they are just an existence.

As a Conservative I do understand some peoples concerns that there could be loopholes which could see family members of individuals pushing euthanasia to be able to obtain whatever is in ones Will. Many Conservatives are concerned about the slippery slope, if you legalise euthanasia on terminal ill patients then those with chronic mental health issues will be next. This is where Conservatives need to have a constructive debate on this issue rather than shutting it down. We often complain about the left shutting down debate, Conservatives are effectively doing the same when it comes to Euthanasia.

This is an issue which affects more people than same sex marriage yet for some reason the same sex marriage debate is hijacking this important issue. People have a right to die with dignity. People should have an option if they are terminally ill to end their life how they see fit with assistance from the medical profession to ensure that the practice is regulated and that suffering is not prolonged. Conservatives can play a vital role to ensure that loopholes in which they are worried about are water tight. Australia we can have this debate and we can work together in making this happen.


When love is love but equality is just for the few! #marriageequality #auspol #loveislove

Love is love but equality is just for the few. That is the mindset of the Inner West Council in Sydney. According to the Sydney Morning Herald (24/09/2017) they reported that the newly elected Labor Mayor, Darcy Byrne, has promised to provide same sex couples free venues if they decide to get married in their halls and community centres. This offer will be available for 100 days post the successful passage of same sex legislation. As a Conservative Libertarian this doesn’t bother me if it was a private business but can you imagine if a Council decided to do this for heterosexual couples only, the media and other left wing nut jobs would be in complete meltdown.

A Council is a government body. Everything they spend their money on belongs to the ratepayer. Fee’s that they charge for venues such as halls and community centres subsidies the maintenance, electricity, water and upgrades of the buildings. By charging users to use those facilities is beneficial to ratepayers otherwise ratepayers would be slogged with more rates. Now I assume the people of Inner West don’t particular care about fiscal responsibility otherwise they wouldn’t have voted for either Labor or the Green’s but the principle of using ratepayers money to provide free venues for same sex marriage couples is fiscally irresponsible especially when they are running at a $3.9m deficit (Inner West Operational Plan and Budget 2017/18).

In 2012, a Colorado baker refused to bake a cake for a gay couple citing that same sex marriage is against his religious views. The left wing media and other left wing nut jobs were outraged by this ‘vicious attack’ on civil liberties and in their usual deranged way, protested. This case is now before the Supreme Court. If the Inner West Council decide to open up this idea of not charging same sex couples to use their halls and community centres, could heterosexual couples who want to marry take the Council to court for discrimination?

Now I hear screeching already by lefties shouting “You right wing bigots you think it’s ok if people discriminatate against the gays but when we discriminate against you white heterosexual males then you go and cry.”

Well no.

The difference between the Baker and the Council is that the Baker is a private individual or a private business that should be entitled to be free of who he does dealings with. A Council on the other hand is an entity that belongs to the people, that is, everyone who lives within that council, irrespective of their political leanings. If Qantas had turned around and said “Free flights for same sex couples for the first 100 days of post same sex marriage legislation” I wouldn’t really care. Qantas is a private business and what they do is up to them and their shareholders. For your information Qantas has already donated $1million to the Yes campaign and I am not losing any sleep over it.

The big question though, why would anyone get married in the Inner West, its a concrete jungle with no real serenity but I can probably safely assume that the majority people who live within the Inner West Council probably support this idea by Mayor Byrne. The issue here though is that this sets a precedence for other councils to jump on board. We already know local councils like to waste ratepayers money, Sydney Lord Mayor, Clover Moore, has proven this with her monument of a tape worm.