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The Djokovic Saga

I have to weigh in on the Djokovic saga.

“Please don’t” I hear you say.


So the initial decision to allow him to enter Australia unvaccinated was a slap in the face to millions of Australians who can’t go interstate either because they are unvaccinated or because of over zealous governments exercising their tyrannical strength.

But then less than 24 hours the Federal Government intervenes and cancels his Visa.

This is embarrassing!

Why is the Federal Government picking on Djokovic? The Government has easily provided exemptions to other celebrities during peak Covid so why cracking down on Djokovic?

The fact he is unvaccinated should not be a reason.

Initially, rushing him in and granting him a Visa exemption is not the answer either as it is a slap in the face to many Aussies.

But there is a solution….

The Government could ensure that he (and all unvaccinated persons) takes a PCR test upon arrival and quarantine for 14 days and if still negative then proceed to grant him his Visa. The fact he is unvaccinated is a scapegoat for the Government to act discriminately.

So you are a COVID-19 antivaxxer, then why did you get it? You are a sellout!

This comment is said to me by many people – both pro covid vaxxers and anti covid vaxxers.

Paul Joseph Watson calls me a sheep.
“Keep complying sheep”

‘Friends’ call me a sellout!
“So much for your principles, sellout!”

The fact is, I do have questions about the COVID-19 Vaccine. The safety and long term effects of this mRNA technology needs to be explored more before Governments mandates it.

But thats a story for another day.

The fact I did get the COVID-19 Pfizer Vaccine does not make me a sell out.

As a condition of my employment I had no choice but to get the COVID-19 Vaccine otherwise my employment would be terminated.

“So why didn’t you stand your ground?”

Good question. When you are married, have a mortgage, a child, two dogs, two cars and have to find money to put a meal on the table to live, giving up your job is not something that can be decided on a whim.

“Well why don’t you look for another job?”

Another great question. I didn’t spend over $35,000 on a degree to work in a sector that would make me earn significantly less than what I am already earning. Also, most employers request their staff to be double vaccinated so finding another job would be difficult

“But don’t you have questions about the safety of the Vaccine so why did you get it?”

I do have questions about the safety and long term effects of mRNA Vaccines. Many scientists have raised these concerns and have been shut down by mainstream media and big tech. The fact that anyone who questions COVID-19 Vaccine is shut down, should raise more questions. Now, at the end of the day it is a toss up between…

Losing your livelihood, potentially facing bankruptcy
risk any adverse effects from the COVID-19 Vaccine.

It is like choosing which cancer would you prefer to have..
Prostate Cancer or Bone Cancer?

“It is people like you is the reason why we have vaccine mandates because you don’t stand up”

I don’t buy that.

There are other methods to stand up for what you believe in. Being involve in protests, supporting a freedom movement and voting for a political party that promotes freedom and prosperity has a larger impact.

What are you thoughts? Am I a sellout? if so, why? Happy to hear your thoughts.