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Time to strengthen the Commonwealth! #brexit #commonwealth

Australia can benefit greatly from UK’s decision to exit the European Union but it would need balls from both leaders of retrospective countries. Once the United Kingdom finally takes the shackles off, placed by members of the EU, it will have an opportunity to strengthen the Commonwealth and be a leader on the world stage.

Fifty three (53) countries are members of the Commonwealth from Africa, Asia, Caribbean & Americas, Europe and the Pacific region. Leaders of these countries now have an opportunity to work with the United Kingdom to bring about better free trade deals as well as the possibility of free movement of peoples.
Tory leader contender, Boris Johnson, once flagged an opportunity for countries such as Canada, Australia and New Zealand to have a visa free migrant bloc. This would be great news for young Australians who want to work and live in the UK and vice verser.

The recent referendum for #brexit is fantastic news and whilst I have always conceded that there will be short term pain, there will be long term gains such as strengthening the Commonwealth. Having a strong Commonwealth means that republicans such as Malcolm Turnbull will need to argue more strongly for a case to become a republic. Well done Britain!

UKIP is a bigger threat to the Tories!

The UK general election is being held on 7th May 2015 and according to the Polls it is very close. Probably a bit too close for comfort for the Conservative Party. The Conservative Party has another enemy other than the UK Labour Party. That enemy is the United Kingdom Independence Party, or UKIP.

UKIP has definitely found a way into UK politics and many traditional tories are throwing their support behind this new brand of (in my opinion) conservatism. The British people, and traditional grassroots conservatives have had enough of the status quo. After talking to a few people in the UK whilst I was over there last year, they have felt that the Conservative Party have sold them out and are now withdrawing their support from the Conservative Party and going to UKIP. This is not surprising, and nor should it to the leadership of the Conservative Party. When you have rank and file Conservative members forming a new division within the Party called ‘Grassroots Conservative’ ( you got to ask yourself “where are we going wrong?”

As I look at UK statistics under the Conservative/LibDem Government it appears more people are in work, budget is under control and economic growth is slowly improving therefore despite the status quo, rank and file members should be proud of the achievements of their Party and those defecting to UKIP should probably think twice.

In Australia, the voting system used for the House of Representatives – the House where Government is formed, is preferential system of voting. A voter can vote for a candidate and place his or her preference to another candidate should their first preference doesn’t get enough votes. In the UK, the system used is first past the post. Therefore you only vote 1 for your candidate of choice and if they don’t get anywhere, your vote is exhausted.

The problem with the rise of UKIP, which according to the Polls is receiving 14% of the vote, it takes away votes from the Conservatives, basically it is splitting the conservative vote. This affectively gives the UK Labour Party an advantage to gain enough seats to Govern, except that the UK Labour Party have problems of their own with the rise of the Scottish National Party. A story for another day perhaps.

Whatever the results on the 7th May 2015, the Conservative Party needs to tackle the issue of UKIP. They need to address why people are defecting to UKIP and they need to adopt grassroot policy initiatives otherwise they will be out in the political wilderness for a very long time.


The Left often argues that they support women’s rights and tend to push the feminist agenda. Segregation of men and women definitely goes against feministic ideals. In the United Kingdom, The UK Labour Party have been found at a Party gathering at a Muslim Community Centre, segregating men and women. Men on one side, women on the other. The question I’d like to know is, why? And where are the feminists??

The UK Labour Party have championed open immigration as part of their platform for winning elections post the Thatcher-era in efforts to keep the Tories out of power. They have admitted that they wanted mass immigration to make UK more multicultural thus in return those from ethnic backgrounds would likely to vote for Labour over the Conservatives.

In Australia for instance, electorates that have high number of immigrants from the Middle East such as Auburn, Bankstown and Lakemba all favour the Labor Party over the conservative Liberal Party.

Ed Milliband, UK Labour Leader has recently declared that if he becomes Prime Minister he will make Islamophobia illegal, despite tough legislation already in place for discrimination.

One can only assume the reason for the segregation is that the UK Labour Party is pandering to the Islamic vote. If the UK Labour Party wants to do this, then so be it, but they should not give themselves self-praise for tackling sexism. The feminist movement also needs to come out and attack the UK Labour Party and distance themselves from Ed Milliband.

If the UK Labour Party wins Government on 7th May 2015 and Ed Milliband becomes Prime Minister, what will the UK become? Will segregation be the norm? Will women lose their rights? They aren’t painting a pretty picture.