It’s your choice now raise your own bloody children!!

A recent article in the Daily Telegraph “IVF clinics records increase in unattached single women wanting to become mothers” (28/7/19) reports that 8% of IVF recipients are single women. It expresses that there is a growing number of single women who are seeking IVF treatment because they are unable to find the right male to procreate and are willing to raise children on their own.

Raising children when you are in a relationship is no easy feat therefore one cannot ignore the fact that raising a child as a single parent would be even harder. We often hear in the media the struggles of single parenting such as child care costs, healthcare, food, shelter etc all on a single income. Thankfully we have a generous welfare system in Australia which allows people to receive single parent payment from the taxpayers as well as the child care rebate. Company’s also must provide people with maternity leave which allow the parent to be paid whilst looking after their pride and joy.

The issue here though is we often here the plight of single women raising children. Feminazi’s often get on the band wagon and plea that males do not pull their weight when it comes to child support. Women cry foul when Government cuts back on single parenting payments because Governments do not want to increase taxes to pay for the increasing demand of welfare. If we are seeing a rising trend in single women seeking IVF treatment to raise their children on their own, will see see a rise in women claiming the single parent payment from Centrelink? We will see women demand an increase in the single parent payment because these single women will not have a male to pay child support?

As a libertarian I don’t have a problem with women wanting to receive IVF treatment, nor do I have a problem with single women wanting to raise children on their own, but as a conservative I have a problem with taxpayers funding for someone elses children.

Company Tax Cuts are needed but Senator Burston is wrong to cross the floor!

As a conservative libertarian I support the Australian Government’s plan for company tax cuts. I believe that more money in the hands of business means they can invest more on the progression of their business. This progression means more staff, more infrastructure and more innovation which all leads to growth within an economy. Singapore has a company tax rate of 17% compared to Australia’s 30% – they are our close neighbors. US President Trump recently cut their company tax rates down to 21% from 35%. If Australia wants to be competitive within the world market we ought to do something about our company taxes and given that Singapore is in close proximity to Australia, one must not be surprised if company’s invest more there.

Pauline Hanson’s One Nation (PHON) holds crucial votes in trying to pass this dynamic move by the Federal Government. Senator Hanson – Leader of PHON – who once supported the cuts, decided to pull her support and implemented a set of demands. In terms of political capital this can only benefit PHON as it can demonstrate they can negotiate whilst flexing their muscles.

Senator Hanson’s demands are issues which are ‘red hot’ amongst voters. Immigration is spiraling out of control and we are seeing migrants not assimilating and thus creating ghetto’s; pensioners are struggling to keep warm over winter because they can’t afford their power bills yet we seem to give billions of dollars in foreign aid. These issues are real and PHON – rightly so – have managed to find a way to address these issues through negotiating with the Government over it’s company tax cut plan.

Today, PHON Senator Brian Burston has announced that he will go against the will of his leader and support these company tax cuts. Senator Burston’s move have done nothing to help the One Nation cause. In fact many media outlets are reporting that One Nation is divided and Hanson herself has come out swinging against him, hinting that he probably wont be pre-selected for NSW Senate ticket at the next Federal Election. Senator Burston has been poorly advised on this issue. This issue goes beyond company tax cuts, it goes deep into the soul of what One Nation wants to achieve as a political force within the senate. On the other hand, Pauline Hanson herself should have shut down any suggestion that there is a rift and kept this in house.

Senator Burston is a honourable man. What he says and what he does he truly believes in but in politics sometimes it’s important to hold your tongue to ensure the greater good is achieved. The greater good by holding back on supporting these great tax cuts is that PHON could have achieved a serious conversation about immigration, energy policy and the living standards of our pensioners. Unfortunately PHON looks like a divided political party on the brink of destruction.

The left are cementing control of the Liberal Party.

NSW Liberals are fighting again. The dying breed of conservatives are continually losing ground as there is a push to oust former PM Tony Abbott from his Warringah seat and outspoken conservative, Craig Kelly – member for Hughes – is also facing an uphill battle from a former labor wannabe Kent Johns.

Kent Johns is the Party’s Vice President but in 1995 he was elected as a Labor Councillor for Rockdale. In 2002 he resigned from Labor and joined the Liberal Party. He was elected as a Liberal Councillor in 2004 in Sutherland Council and today he is rallying up support for pre-selection for the seat of Hughes. The left within the party are not even trying to hide their hatred towards Conservatism, the fact they have put a former labor stooge against a conservative firebrand such as Craig Kelly demonstrates that they will do anything to destroy any right wing element of the Party.

Last year the majority of Liberal Party members voted that they wanted to see party reform. There was a cascade of relief when this occured and Sky News program ‘The Outsiders’ had democratic freedom fighter John Ruddick on the show feeling optimistic about this symbolic gesture saying that he will rejoin the party. At the following State Council meeting, left wing delegates voted on a watered down version of the reform, proving that the left do not want to give up control. Why would they?

The Liberal Party is doomed due to their organisational woes. Whilst it is comforting that we have the likes of Peter Dutton, Tony Abbott and Craig Kelly in the fold, they are all facing uphill battles. Once the left ousts Abbott and Kelly, the few conservatives that are left within the Liberal Party will be voiceless and will have no choice but to tow the party line. Whilst Ruddick maybe optimistic about the future of the Liberal Party and it’s potential reforms, evidence is proving that the Party is spiraling out of control to the depths of left wing dystopia.

RIP Apu 1989 – 2018

Manjula: Apu, it’s 4 am. You’re late for work.
Apu: Oh. I just had the most beautiful dream where I died.
Manjula: Oh no you don’t! Not til they’re out of college.
Apu: Listen, I’ll die when I want to!

Season 11, Episode 7, Eight misbehavin’

And with a little bit of push by cultral lefties, Apu dies in 2018.

For 29 years from 1989 until 2018, Apu has been on our screens. Actor Hank Azaria has done the voice of Apu from day one. Recently, Hank has come out and states that he will hand over his wobbly head character’s voice to an actual ‘Indian’ stating that he is saddened to hear Indians being bullied because of his Apu voice, he further mentions that he would like to listen to Indian people and to bring in Indian writers into the writers room.  Well where was this opinion 29 years ago? 19 years ago? 9 years ago? or even 2 years ago? This phenomenon is not new, it’s not like Apu is a new character in the Simpsons and is there any anecdotal evidence that racial disharmony is caused by Apu?

Given the rise of the alt-left in America it is no wonder why Hank has had a sudden change around. Their bullying tactics gives anyone the heeby jeebies. I guess for Hank Azaria, he has made his fame and the fact the Simpsons is close to a finale he doesn’t give a shit who does the voice for Apu.

For those who are not snowflakes and are not ‘offended’ by ‘cultural appropriation’ cause lets be honest only pussies are offended by this shit, there is always hope in Seth McFarlane. Family Guy does not hold back on political correctness.

RIP APU – your dream has come true!!

Liberals need a new leader but not a conservative!!

Malcolm Turnbull is hated in Australian politics. Within the Liberal Party he is hated as much as Bill Shorten. The fact he has lost 30 Newspolls in a row has proven that he is an unpopular Prime Minister. This experiment of having a left wing leader of a centre right political party has failed them miserably, however choosing a conservative to lead the party now is fraught with danger.

Conservatives within the Liberal Party are wanting the likes of either Abbott or Dutton to take over the reigns, whilst this could be a dream come true, it would spell the end of their political careers. The Liberal Party is spiralling out of control in terms of polling, it doesn’t matter what they do, the electorate wants a change, and to be honest who can blame them.

The issue I see is that whoever takes over the Liberal Party will have maybe 18months to try and change their electoral woes. Given that our Senate is rather hostile due to the dynamics of the crossbench it will be hard for any leader to push their electoral agenda. The only way in which a new leader could survive is to call a double dissolution within the first couple of months of their newly appointed leadership, the issue with this is if re-elected, the Senate could be more hostile than it already is.

If the Liberal Party do decide to bite the bullet and oust Turnbull, in my opinion they should choose Julie Bishop (should she decide to put her hand up). There are a number of reasons why but the main reason is, as mentioned previously, whoever leads the Liberal Party will no doubt end up lose the next Federal Election. The biggest thorn for the conservatives are progressives and Bishop is one of those thorns. If she leads the party at the next election to a defeat, she is more than likely to leave Parliament. It has been tradition that if you are voted out as PM you gracefully leave politics. With Turnbull and Bishop gone, the conservatives can rebuild and in opposition if we see a conservative as leader, it will give Shorten a run for his money.

In essence, conservatives within the Liberal Party need to calm their farm, work with the left and choose an alternative ‘moderate’ leader such as Julie Bishop. Let her go down in flames like Turnbull and then make their move. Do not waste good talented politicians like Dutton on this term of Government.

Australian’s Emotions are the sign of Hypocrisy over US Gun Control

TRIGGER WARNING!!: This opinion is not discussing pro or anti gun control but merely the reasons why Australians should not be so emotive about this issue. For the reasons outlined in this opinion is the reason why there will be no opinion on gun control on


There are calls amongst many Australian’s that the US should adopt stronger gun laws similar to that of Australia. The latest mass shooting massacre at Parkland High School has created a swell of protest in America, but the concerning aspect of all of this is the increasing interference of emotions by Australian’s. Everyday on social media Australian’s are posting memes, statuses, videos and news reports in support of pro gun control, whilst this is a noble gesture and the fact that no one wants to see children being shot up like a practice target, Australian’s need to remember that guns are part and parcel of American way of life whether they like it or not.

In Islamic countries such as Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and Iran it is punishable by death to be homosexual. In Iran, women are treated like second class citizens and must wear a head scarf or a veil. In Afghanistan it is illegal to criticise any aspect of islam and the punishment is rather severe. We don’t see Australian’s post memes, statuses, videos and news reports on social media condemning these acts of cultural bastardry, yet there is an over abundance of attack on the American culture. Many Australian’s are not bothered about the draconian laws of Islamic nations because they feel it is non of their business then why feel the need to comment on America’s unique culture?

The second amendment states that;

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

This amendment which was authenticated by Thomas Jefferson was adopted in December of 1791. It is no secret that most American’s love their Country and their Bill of Rights which gives them the title of being Patriotic (which disgusts the left). Given that this amendment has been ingrained within the American psyche for just over 226 years and as American’s love their country, one cannot push change over night. Many Australian’s think that because Australia was able to change it’s laws so quickly that America can do the same thing, the difference being is that Australian’s never really had a love affair of guns as it was not a constitutional right, if it was a constitutional right, former Prime Minister John Howard would not have been able to adopt his hard stance as there was a good chance it would have been rejected. Since 1901 in Australia there have been 44 referendums (constitutional changes) only 8 of these were successful, the last referendum was in 1998 to make Australia a republic. These failures are living proof that people are cautious of change and to expect American’s to change their thought process over night is nothing but hypocrisy being displayed by many Australian’s.

Whether you believe in tight gun control or not, it is difficult to change a mindset over night especially when it has been part and parcel of their culture for at least 226 years. Australian’s need to take a chill pill and understand that it isn’t as easy as just banning guns as there are many factors that need to be examined. Only American’s can start this change if they want change, this change cannot be forced on them otherwise they will rebel against the system. If American’s want change they need to own it and only then will they accept their fate.

Since when have Australians cared about Morality? Barnaby should stay!!

Who is else sick and tired of hearing about Barnaby Joyce? Every channel we turn to, we see and hear something about Barnaby and his new flame Vikki Campion. The only thing that we should be hearing about from the #barnabygate is whether or not he misused taxpayer funds to give her a job. Thats it really in a nutshell.

We see on all corners of the political spectrum that Barnaby committed poor moral judgment. Well sorry since when have Australians cared about morality? For heavens sake, Australians voted in their masses to support same sex marriage and the left spent millions of dollars to convince Australians that #loveislove. In the case of Barnaby Joyce he found new love with Vikki, regardless of morality – #loveislove right?

There is a push within the National Party for Mr Joyce to resign. Given that the National Party is a pseudo conservative party (conservative when they want to be) I get that he probably should respect their wishes but only if the grassroot membership want it. As a lay person, I do not believe he should resign on his poor morality judgement, at the end of the day what he does behind closed doors is non of our business and clearly Joyce recognised this hence why he didn’t want the public to know about his love affair. Barnaby should be judged purely on his performance and whether or not he has misused public funds.

In saying all of that, if this #barnabygate is affecting his ability to perform as Deputy Prime Minister, given that next week he will be the Acting Prime Minister maybe he should strongly consider stepping down as Deputy PM and PM Malcolm Turnbull with the approval of the National Party appoint Julie Bishop as Acting Prime Minister given that she is the Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party. I say that because if the Nationals appoint a new leader before then, will they have enough experience to be the Acting Prime Minister? At the end of the day this is a decision Barnaby needs to make.

What are your thoughts?


White Privilege is a myth. As stated before it is a social construct by the left to cause division within a community.
I should point out that it’s really the far left – or the alt-left – that are pushing this myth but in terms of reference, we will just call them ‘the left’ as in general terms even those on the centre-left do sympathise with this notion.

The fact is there is no such thing as privilege when it comes to race, colour or creed. As a white heterosexual male I had to work hard to be what I am today. I didn’t always do well in school so post secondary education I had to be well disciplined to gain entry into University and obtain my Bachelor of Science Degree. According to the left the reason why I was able to do that is because of ‘White Privilege’ despite working endlessly to pay off my degree.

Minority groups ought to be insulted and offended by the notion of white privilege, the left basically states that because you are a minority group you do not have the calibre to be successful in life. They say that people of colour are not privilege enough to go to university or to obtain work and unfortunately, if you keep hearing this by leftist institutions, you’ll start believing it, hence why in America, African Americans experience high unemployment rates.

The fact is everyone in Western Countries have equal privilege when it comes to education and employment. Whilst not every culture is equal, individuals are equal to be able to better themselves. It all comes down to how much you want it. For instance, we have seen numerous Doctors from African, Asian or Arabic descent working in our Hospitals in Australia, as a white person I could not be a Doctor, I feel that is beyond my call of duty therefore these individuals from those respective minority groups have worked hard to become a Doctor. This proves that white privilege is a myth if it was real then we would not see people from other races holding positions of power such as Doctors. They would be all white.

The left are very good at creating new terms which try and divide society. In Australia we have the myth of ‘invasion day’ – a day in which Australians celebrate the day the first fleet arrived in Australia in 1788. It is a clever move by the left to create divisions, the old saying “divide and conquer” is true to form when it comes to the left. By dividing society it makes it easier for the left to conquer. This is why people should not buy into this ‘White Privilege’ myth.




Thank You Triple M for Saving Australia Day Celebrations!

Yesterday I wrote about how the LLBABC (Looney Left Brigade at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation) decided to change the date of Triple J hottest 100 to the 27th January instead of the 26th. I also wrote that their ABC has denied that it has anything to do with politics. Well we have some good news folks. The lovely people from Triple M have intelligently realised that majority of Australian’s celebrate Australia Day and have acknowledged that their is now an opportunity for them to start their own Hottest 100.

This has caused snowflakes within the vortex of the left to bring about liberal tears. Ultra lefty Wil Anderson tweeted:

Extremely shocked and disappointed by it all and have made that clear to management yesterday and will continue to hold and prosecute why I don’t think it’s a good idea

Oh boo hoo.

According to this article there have been a few lefties that have been crying and offended by Triple M’s decision to hold a hottest 100 on Australia Day and the good news is they don’t seem to be backing down. You see, the problem with snowflakes within the left regime is they expect others to follow them. They weren’t expecting a rival radio station to fill in the vaccume that was left by Triple J and if they were expecting it, they weren’t expecting Triple M to hold their ground when we see Wil Anderson critise them. As usual the left are throwing names at Triple M, calling them insensitive, racist, bogans etc. This is normal from the left. But it does prove that their ABC did change the date of the Hottest 100 purely on political grounds.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we ought to thank Triple M for providing us entertainment for the celebration of Australia Day!!!!

Thank You Triple M!!!

Australia Day and their ABC Triple J Hottest 100! #auspol #australiaday

The Looney Left Brigade from their ABC or known as LLBABC (please don’t get confused with LGBTIQDDAP) have decided to change historical customs by changing the Hottest 100 from the 26th Jan to the 27th Jan in protest of the myth known as ‘Invasion Day’.

‘Invasion Day’ as they put it was the day in which Australia was able to blossom from the chains of prehistoric nothingness to what we have become today, a thriving civilisation. Now before SJW’s get on the band wagon and accuse me of being racist or some other made up term I do want to point out that Aboriginal Culture is unique, fascinating and ought to be preserved (also be taught in schools), the point I am making is that unfortunately it wasn’t progressive unlike European Settlement. Sadly we do live in a dog eat dog world whether you like it or not and if it wasn’t for the British, it could have been the Japs or the Frogs.

The LLBABC dismisses these claims and in actual fact they stated;

“It’s fair to say there’s been increasing debate around 26 January and there are a lot of perspectives on what it means to different Australians. As the public broadcaster representing all Australians, triple j and the ABC doesn’t take a view in the discussions.

However, in recent years the Hottest 100 has become a symbol in the debate about Australia Day. The Hottest 100 wasn’t created as an Australia Day celebration. It was created to celebrate your favourite songs of the past year. It should be an event that everyone can enjoy together – for both the musicians whose songs make it in and for everyone listening in Australia and around the world. This is really important to us.

Whether you’re listening in Busselton, Bundy, Alice or Aspen. From Coober Pedy to Caz’s pool, tuning in from a backyard BBQ or streaming from overseas, in the city or on the farm; everyone is invited to join the party.”

Given that response I probably should ought to apologies, right?


The vast majority of Triple J listeners generally lean to the left. Of course if you are going to give them a vote on whether or not to change the date of the Hottest 100 they will almost certainly vote yes because its the noble thing to do. Strangely though the majority of people voted to change the date to the following day. Now according to my calendar, the 26th Jan 2018 falls on a Friday therefore the 27th Jan falls on a Saturday. (Funny that!)

The question I want to ask is, would they have changed the date to the next day if it was mid week whereby they would have to go to work (Yes believe it or not some lefties do work for a living)? Or would they have changed the date to a weekend? Who knows. But it is somewhat of a coincidence that the LLBABC decide to change the date around the same time a handful of left leaning Councils voted to change the date of Australia Day.

Their ABC are making us out for fools. This was a co-ordinate attack on Australia Day and their claim that they are ‘impartial’ is bullshit.

One thing the left does not understand, if we are to have reconciliation between Aboriginal and non Aboriginal people we can’t just forget about our history. There is no denying that their were atrocities on both sides but learning from our history and embracing our history actually makes us better human beings. What the left are doing is creating a divide between an already broken down relationship between Aboriginal and non Aboriginal people by pushing this agenda to change the date. Yes some will feel isolated but the whole idea of Australia Day is for everyone to come together to celebrate this great nation and what THEY can offer to the Country.

I know what I will be doing on the 26th January 2018, I will be relaxing over a beer and celebrating the First Fleet and the social cohesion which we enjoy thanks to the British settlement. What will you be doing?