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Cancer can be treated, Feminism can’t!

Milo Yiannopolous once stated that Feminism is Cancer. I recently tweeted that Feminism is worse than cancer because at least Cancer can be treated. It was in reference to this photo.


I had a couple of people who were critical of my comments. As a respectful human I will not mention anyones name on here but if you go to my twitter account you’ll see their responses.

I want to clarify my point.

As you see in this photo there are a hand few of women and a couple of probably gender neutral males leeching off them. They are holding up signs saying “My outfit is not an invitation” and some chick has written on her abdomen “Fuck your Morals”. As a conservative male rape is abhorrent and the full force of the law should be thrown at the perpetrator.

The SJW aim isn’t to try to convince those who are already convinced. No matter what they do they won’t be able to convince the convinced but instead they are trying to appeal to those who are either not interested in politics or those who are just sitting on the fence.

Pretend you are a young mother in her 20’s, your husband works full time and you are either at work yourself or you are a stay at home mother. You have no interest in political issues, in fact you are too busy to worry about what is going on in the world because right now your world is you, your husband and your little pride and joy. You decide to take your little pride and joy in their pram for a little stroll down to the park. You get there, you see a lot of comotion, you see police, riot police, police on horses, ambulances on standby and from a distance you see partly naked women, women with breasts out but duct tape covering their nipples and the first sign you see is “Fuck your Morals.” You then hear screeching from these females, your pride and joy gets scared, starts crying and you can’t settle him or her. Instead of a nice day out going for a stroll you then go back home, put on your tv and watch Tucker Carlson. Once you got home you kinda wonder what all the fuss was about but because it ruined your day you don’t care, in fact it infuriated you. Their goal to try and get their message across failed.

My point to this is, and in my Twitter I was directing it to Clementine Ford, are feminists proud of this? If so, then how can they expect to win over the unconvinced. Most people see this type of protest, grotesque and will either turn the tv off or actually, out of spite, go side with the opposing point of view. If feminists want to get their message across stop acting like millennial SJW’s and start being a little more professional.


#Antifa and #Isis – kissing cousins without the cuddles! #AltLeft #ConfederateStatues

Western Civilisation is changing. Its political landscape is becoming more defined. We are seeing the rise of feral politics and it is primarily coming from the left. That’s not to say the right is innocent. What we have seen from the alt-left are actions that mirror anarchy and disorder through the notion of fascism. Kathy Griffin for example holding a severed head of US President Donald Trump is nothing more than feral politics. There is one group that is going one step further and their actions somewhat mirror Islamic State. That group is ANTIFA.


ISIS is an extremist Islamic terror group; their goal is to install an Islamic state worldwide in its purest form thus implementing all aspects of Sharia Law. Their actions have been so extreme that we have seen ISIS militants setting fires within a Philippine church and destroy statues of Mary and St Joseph. They have threatened to come to Rome and do the same. In the Philippine city of Marawi, ISIS militants have been fighting against Government forces for control of the city having total disregard for the current political elite. Many ISIS militants often wear black which resembles their flag and consistently wear masks to cover their faces.

Approximately 8,500km’s away in Syria, ISIS militants have released photos of them destroying ancient ruins of Palmyra and shrines near the site. Their view is that they consider these ruins and shrines as creations of pre-Islamic idolaters. The end result of this action is to change history which ultimately keeps the community at bay and if anyone questions this they will be killed.


ANTIFA is an organisation made up of far left – or the alt-left – individuals. ANTIFA stands for anti-fascists. In Australia they aren’t much of a problem however in the United States they have been very vocal in their opposition to the current political and socio-economic climate. One of their goals is to coordinate activism and to work with the media to shape public opinions. How they do this is ironically fascist. In Charlottesville we experienced ANTIFA wearing black clothes and masks to cover their faces. They used violence, destroying public and personal property to ensure they get media cover. Most recently the ANTIFA militants have been seen pulling down confederate statues stating that these statues are a sign of racism and oppression. These actions are to change history and if anyone who questions this they will be labelled a bigot or a racist.


I have been criticised by comparing ISIS to ANTIFA but the matter of fact is they are very similar. Whilst ANTIFA have not yet gone out of their way to behead individuals their underlying actions one could argue are correlated.


Wear black clothing and cover their faces Wear black clothing and cover their faces
Implement Sharia Law Implement a Marxist agenda
Destroy buildings, monuments, shrines etc Destroys personal and public property, monuments
Kill people for not conforming to ISIS Created negative labels to place on people who do not conform to their agenda
Use of violence Use of violence
Don’t like the current establishment and want to change it. Don’t like the current establishment and want to change it.


Both ISIS and ANTIFA have agenda’s, they will go out of their way to force this agenda on you. They mask their identity, they have no regard for your property, they will attack you if you don’t agree with them and they don’t like Western Culture. This should be a wakeup call, the alt-left won’t stop until they win.

Fascism is on the rise – and it’s coming from the Left

President Trump has been a saviour to many American’s. Since his victorious win, patriotic political party’s around the world are capitalising his success – according to sportsbet (24/1/17)- Geert Wilder’s Party is paying $1.20 to win majority of seats in the Dutch General Election. In Australia, One Nation is enjoying the ‘populist’ wave. Sadly, Trump’s victory has brought the bad in a lot of people, the very same people who suppose to push for love, harmony and respect – thats right – the progressive left. 

On the 20th Janurary 2017 President-elect Donald J Trump became inaugerated as President of the United States of America, a day whereby people power is cemented for at least four years. On the other side of the pearly gates of Washington, the world got to see first hand how ugly the progressive left can be. This mob calls for – peace, harmony, love, freedom, love trumps hate, <add any other feel good words here> – yet they have been – disruptive, violent, aggresive, sexist, vulgar, abusive, childish, emotionally detached from society, <add any other words that describe being anti-social here>.

But why?

What has Trump done to deserve this protest?

The answer is simple. The Progressive left despite their own title are not progressive. They do not want society to progress into a thriving economy, they don’t believe in capitalism, they don’t believe in freedom. These principles only weaken their grip on society. They see that President Trump, being a businessman, will succeed in getting the economy moving again. They are scared that once people become empowered to work and thrive to be the best they can they will dump the left for good.

So how does the Progressive Left combat this?

They try to shut down debate by being disruptive, violent, aggresive, sexist, vulgar, abusive, childish, emotionally detached from society, <add any other words that describe being anti-social here> 

This is a new form of fascism – the Progressive Left Fascism.