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The Djokovic Saga

I have to weigh in on the Djokovic saga.

“Please don’t” I hear you say.


So the initial decision to allow him to enter Australia unvaccinated was a slap in the face to millions of Australians who can’t go interstate either because they are unvaccinated or because of over zealous governments exercising their tyrannical strength.

But then less than 24 hours the Federal Government intervenes and cancels his Visa.

This is embarrassing!

Why is the Federal Government picking on Djokovic? The Government has easily provided exemptions to other celebrities during peak Covid so why cracking down on Djokovic?

The fact he is unvaccinated should not be a reason.

Initially, rushing him in and granting him a Visa exemption is not the answer either as it is a slap in the face to many Aussies.

But there is a solution….

The Government could ensure that he (and all unvaccinated persons) takes a PCR test upon arrival and quarantine for 14 days and if still negative then proceed to grant him his Visa. The fact he is unvaccinated is a scapegoat for the Government to act discriminately.