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The Bullying of Shanghai Sam. #pmlive #auspol #patriotblue #abetterway

I am not a fan of Shanghai Sam. I think the guy is a weasel and a political opportunist who uses his kids and minorities to his advantage.

At the end of the day he is an elected Senator of the Australian Senate. Whether you like him or not, he does deserve some respect.

What we have seen by Patriot Blue – an uneducated far right group – is nothing but racist and bullying behaviour. If you have seen the footage of what occurred you almost feel sorry for Shanghai Sam. It actually made me feel sick and ashamed.

Calling someone a monkey or attacking someone purely just because of their religious background is not right, it is in fact bigotry. I for one classify myself as a Libertarian/Conservative and have defended the alt-right but equally I am also willing to call out any actions they take that is abhorrent to normal society.

I am calling on the likes of Pauline Hanson and Cory Bernardi to condemn the actions of Patriot Blue because these actions does nothing but harm the cause of the alt-right in Australia.

Let us die with dignity. #auspol #pmlive #euthanasia

Death is inevitable. It is something that binds us all regardless of race, colour or creed. How we die, however, is something that makes us all unique. Some of us will die in our sleep, some will die due to traumatic causes, some may experience a massive heart attack, stroke or even a terminal illness such as Cancer. One thing for certain is that we all want to die with dignity and as much as possible, pain free.

I applaud the Victorian Labor Andrews Government for passing legislation this week to legalise Euthanasia. It is important that those who have a terminal illness to have options when it comes to their own life. It is a basic human right that we all die with dignity, unfortunately in certain circumstance this cannot occur as death is unpredictable and unforgiving. When it comes to terminal illnesses such as Cancer, this can be predicted and given the harsh outcomes of cancer such as pain, immobility and deterioration of mental status it is imperative that we respect ones wishes to end their life before these outcomes become reality.

Some people argue that we should not get involved in being God, that palliative care measures should be the prime focus when it comes to terminal illness. Unfortunately no matter how good palliative care is, sometimes you just can’t relieve pain. Pain doesn’t necessarily mean physical but also mental. If one becomes bed bound due to their terminal illness and they need a carer to clean them or feed them through a peg tube, this is a form of mental pain. Many individuals who have had cancer and are in this state have told me that they wish they could go to sleep and never wake up because their dignity is long gone, they can no longer look after themselves, they can no longer enjoy what life can offer them. Many of them have said they are just an existence.

As a Conservative I do understand some peoples concerns that there could be loopholes which could see family members of individuals pushing euthanasia to be able to obtain whatever is in ones Will. Many Conservatives are concerned about the slippery slope, if you legalise euthanasia on terminal ill patients then those with chronic mental health issues will be next. This is where Conservatives need to have a constructive debate on this issue rather than shutting it down. We often complain about the left shutting down debate, Conservatives are effectively doing the same when it comes to Euthanasia.

This is an issue which affects more people than same sex marriage yet for some reason the same sex marriage debate is hijacking this important issue. People have a right to die with dignity. People should have an option if they are terminally ill to end their life how they see fit with assistance from the medical profession to ensure that the practice is regulated and that suffering is not prolonged. Conservatives can play a vital role to ensure that loopholes in which they are worried about are water tight. Australia we can have this debate and we can work together in making this happen.


Liberal hound dogs…….crying all the time. #auspol #australianconservatives #burqaban

Well well well, the National Party have shown their true colours this weekend. There was a motion before their National Conference wanting to ban the burqa in public spaces. The Burqa, which is a sign of oppression, covers the face of women (or men) which often can be used for sinister purposes and is potential to be a threat to National Security. Nationals MP George Christensen was pushing for the National Party to ban the Burqa but unfortunately the lefty trolls within the Nats voted against it 55-51.

The National Party in Australia is known to be the Liberal Party lap dog. They have no real policies but ride on the back of the Liberal Party. Sadly the National Party is just a country wing of the Libs which is concerning for long term members of the National Party. The rise of One Nation, Australian Conservatives and in NSW the Shooters, Fishers and Farmer’s Party one would have thought the National Party would have dumped the Liberal Party and be a true centre right alternative. There was somewhat hope for the Nats when Barnaby Joyce became leader. When he was in the Senate he was a straight shooter Senator and did not care about political correctness. These days Joyce is just the twiddledum to the Liberals twiddledee. 

To those who are dissapointed in the National Party’s decision to reject Christensen’s motion, there is a better way. Don’t be a Liberal hound dog, you will always be welcome to join the fastest growing political party in Australia. The Australian Conservatives.