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Fascism is on the rise – and it’s coming from the Left

President Trump has been a saviour to many American’s. Since his victorious win, patriotic political party’s around the world are capitalising his success – according to sportsbet (24/1/17)- Geert Wilder’s Party is paying $1.20 to win majority of seats in the Dutch General Election. In Australia, One Nation is enjoying the ‘populist’ wave. Sadly, Trump’s victory has brought the bad in a lot of people, the very same people who suppose to push for love, harmony and respect – thats right – the progressive left. 

On the 20th Janurary 2017 President-elect Donald J Trump became inaugerated as President of the United States of America, a day whereby people power is cemented for at least four years. On the other side of the pearly gates of Washington, the world got to see first hand how ugly the progressive left can be. This mob calls for – peace, harmony, love, freedom, love trumps hate, <add any other feel good words here> – yet they have been – disruptive, violent, aggresive, sexist, vulgar, abusive, childish, emotionally detached from society, <add any other words that describe being anti-social here>.

But why?

What has Trump done to deserve this protest?

The answer is simple. The Progressive left despite their own title are not progressive. They do not want society to progress into a thriving economy, they don’t believe in capitalism, they don’t believe in freedom. These principles only weaken their grip on society. They see that President Trump, being a businessman, will succeed in getting the economy moving again. They are scared that once people become empowered to work and thrive to be the best they can they will dump the left for good.

So how does the Progressive Left combat this?

They try to shut down debate by being disruptive, violent, aggresive, sexist, vulgar, abusive, childish, emotionally detached from society, <add any other words that describe being anti-social here> 

This is a new form of fascism – the Progressive Left Fascism. 

Is the Government softening their position on illegal migration??

After reading online news today, I was bemused at how Immigration Minister appears to be softening his approach to Illegal Immigration in Australia. The Minister has confirmed that 150 Tamil asylum seekers and seven other people held on a customs ship will be transferred to the Australian mainland. According to Sky News the Minister stated that those who can return must be returned. The question lies though, has the Minister gone soft?

It’s not the first time this week the Minister has appeared soft, he has backflipped and provided a permanent visa to a 15 year old Ethiopian boy. Such backflips will be damaging for the Government as Border Protection is a policy which is supported by majority of Australian’s and was one of the major election issues which got the Liberal-National Parties elected to Government. A lack of direction in this area creates a vacuum for extreme minor parties such as One Nation, Australian Protectionist Party and Family First to gain some political momentum.

But why??

The Government in my opinion does want to send a clear message to people smugglers that Australia no longer has open borders and that the adults are in charge. In regards to the 150 Tamil asylum seekers, the Minister, according to Sky News, ruled out that they (asylum seekers) will be resettled in Australia. This confirms that the Government is continuing it’s tough stance and is attempting to deter people from getting on the boat to make that dangerous trip to Australia. The problem however lies with the Judiciary. An unelected body making decision on national sovereignty. Whilst I do support the Constitutions Separation of Powers, I am wary of the judiciary making decisions that affect national interests. With this in mind, the Government must abide by decisions made by the judiciary otherwise this will give the left more ammunition in the courts.

After many hours of contemplation, I have come to the reasoning that the Government isn’t going soft on this issue, they are merely appeasing the judiciary to ensure that they are not open to any form of litigation by the left. The Immigration Minister, Scott Morrison is doing a fantastic job and should be applauded for his efforts.